The new Lagoon 400 S2 “Nailah” arrived just before Christmas on our docks with her owner. He sailed together with his crew Trans-Atlantic as his first voyage from Spain.

Here is the story we received from Jose:

“ On 15 November 2016 we departed from Spain with 4 initial crew
– Belen: Adventure girl of 42 years and a sea lover
– Patric: Sail Instructor and music player
– Jose Luis : Captain in practice
– Me (Jose): Captain in Ibiza and Formentera and father of a little boy

It took us 5 days to sail to Las Palmas of the Canary Islands. Those days were very peaceful, with good weather and we were fishing a lot and getting to know each other better. We were also busy with the planing of our Atlantic cruise ahead of us…

                                                                                    ARC Fleet in Las Palmas

When we arrived on Las Palmas the 20th of November,  we coincide with the departure of the ARC RACE, so it was a nice morning watching all the boats leaving and we joined the party in town.

ARC Start in Las Palmas

2 days after we arrived at the Canary Islands the winds became stronger and we could see big waves developing in the south… so we had to change our plan: Don’t wait, but go directly to Tortola…

Jose Luis went home and we took a new crew member, Carlos on board… a business man, 45 years old, that always had a dream to cross the Atlantic Ocean sailing. Luckily the wind died and we had 4 days without wind. This meant that we had to use the engines a lot and we decided to go to the Cape Verde Islands. We spent 2 days in Mindelo, a very nice city and we explored the Island of Saint Vincent, which has nice wild beaches and a lot of fish to eat. On Cape Verde we got to know Alexis, a young girl from Canada, who was traveling around the world and she joined us in our sailing adventure.

Cleaning fish on transom

On the first of December we departed form the Cape Verde with a course of 280 degrees to Tortola. We sailed 15 days to arrive in the BVI and we only had to use our engines 4 days. On this part. we fished Dorado Fish and we cooked a lot of nice food! We stopped to swim at the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to celebrate with a special party. On our sailing journey we read, slept, talked a lot and always with nice temperatures and beautiful views.


Nailah was amazing under sail and when we had not so much wind we used the spinnaker for more speed and extra fun!!!!! 5 days before arriving in Tortola, the wind picked up and we saw many squalls that made large waves with wind gusts over 40 knots. Nailah and her crew were prepared for that, to sail in these conditions and it made the days of our crossing more adventurous.


Big waves and 40 knots of wind

Large Rain Squall



When we arrived on Tortola on the 16th of December, we discovered the beautiful islands of the BVI with a lot of nice beaches and with friendly people, always smiling. BVI Yacht Charters welcomed us warmly and we spent three awesome days there while discovering the BVI, like the fantastic Baths on Virgin Gorda.

All-in all it was an amazing crossing that we will definitely do again!!”



Nailah is available for charter:



Posted on January 19 2017, by Kirstie Palmer.