Ibiza is a multifaceted island in which to navigate Kattumaran enjoying its landscapes, meet their people once berthed in port, and naturally enjoy best places to drop anchor, which spend the night in front of a beach.

Enjoy a cove from the ‘opposite’ side (the sea) that most people usually have the ability to access (land) is a singular pleasure. Views and always different landscapes, some unparalleled sunsets. Moments of stillness and peace difficult to forget.



Navigate its waters, either glued to the coast and with candles in the wind, it is an amazing experience, especially in the Atlantic area known as Costa Vizantina. The best in these cases is to find a safe marina in one of its Marine to then be able to get to know the land of the Portuguese caravels of this part of the country.

A good example of all this we find in places like Faro, Vilamoura, Albufeira, Portimão or Lagos, you famous all its glamor and dedication, as well as its sophisticated fishing and recreational ports, most of which have excellent infrastructure for entertainment, animation and various nautical offers, which one should not miss when thinking about the feelings of leisure.



One of the best areas to practice the sport of sailing in Spain is located on the coast of Alicante. Many sailors around the world visit Denia attracted by the welcoming nature of the area, mild climate and excellent conditions for sailing.
Denia area offers countless routes of different levels. The proximity of the Balearic Islands and the security of the Mediterranean Sea allow a wide range of options.
The most famous crossing of the north coast of the province of Alicante from the port of Denia to reach the island of Ibiza. Around about 58 miles on a moderate level.
With a low difficulty can be accessed after San Antonio (less than 20 miles), Portixol (about 18 miles) or even Nazareth in Valencia (52 miles). All these are highly recommended coastal routes.
The more intrepid will be launched to make long-haul routes and high difficulty that can reach not so close and attractions such as Marseille, Monaco or the islands of Corcega and Cerdeña ports.



Among the Playazo and Cañuelo a dozen beaches and coves look to the distant Mediterranean calm the crowd. A walk for sea lovers along the rugged east coast of Malaga.
From the Malaga Balcony of Europe in Nerja, one of the most valuable and rugged coastlines of Andalusia it is appreciated. This natural setting of great beauty is stretched to the Grenadian Cerro Gordo in a fortunate combination of cliffs and coves.
Beyond Calahonda, it extends for many the realm of the unknown. Whenever the seafront promenade, which strings together the coves of Nerja is closed by landslides, it is recommended to start the tour at the long beach of Burriana, which serves as the anchorage and which still survives, surrounded by the largest number of bathers in Nerja, an outdated chromaticism of boats and nets just a few steps from the elevator used by clients of the hostel.



The strategic position of the Canary Islands and its favorable trade winds have made a great and prestigious nautical history and the islands have always been a port of claim transatlantic travel.
The Canaries are increasingly known as one of the best places in the world for sailing. A growing number of yachtsmen choose to move here as well, have the opportunity to sail regularly and find a new place of unspoiled natural beauty, exploring each island’s unique characteristics, uncrowded waters.
Because of its location, water depth and abundant and adequate streams that feed the area, along with the protection afforded by the islands, the Canaries are the perfect home for various species in both marine life on land, where there is a great variety of flora and fauna.



The famous Caribbean Sea discovered for Europeans by Christopher Columbus, although very far inhabited by other peoples, bathes countless islands with names that evoke immediately the good weather, exotic beaches, turquoise waters, Caribbean rhythm and all the pleasures for the senses .
Most people are descendants of former slaves brought from Africa during the 17th and 18th centuries, to work on sugar cane plantations. Browse the Caribbean is a delight especially if we move in a sailboat.
The Caribbean represents the best incentive to cross the Atlantic. The islands of the West Indies are in tropical latitudes in the middle area of ​​trade winds, which makes one of the best regions in the world to enjoy sailing.