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Wing tips when embarking on a sailboat or a catamaran for a season!

At the time of embarking we recommend that you consider these points for comfort and safety course aboard your boat!

Suitcase: on boats spaces are few and small, take a non-rigid suitcase to keep it easily when you have brought your stuff

Shoes: You Avoid wearing shoes soled black rubber, so you will save spots on the hard cover removed, it carries different shoes to be on the boat or on the street and try to avoid going barefoot on the deck to avoid painful blows the feet!

Clothing: Although we tend to always put more clothes on our travels we need not forget that in the summer evenings at sea being cool! a sweater and a windbreaker will not come wrong. Moreover, crisper typical summer clothes, surely you will use two swimsuits / bikinis and a few t …

Towel: if space permits we suggest you bring two towels, one for salt water and one for the toilet with fresh water.

Books: If you love reading, what better place to read in the deck leaving lulled by the waves …

Sun: do not forget that being aboard a boat you will be very exposed to the sun. Bring sunscreen of different factors and be careful not to stain the deck with it as it slides underfoot. try to wear hats or caps placed to protect your head and of course beware of burn eyes with good sunglasses, hopefully polarized!

Coexistence on board: the space is limited on board so caring coexistence is everyone’s job. Set tasks and distribute them among the crew will make it easier to enjoy the holiday.

Safety: The most important thing when we embark on any means afloat is safety. Assure that the vessel has all the material due (vests, rafts, flares ..) and that all crew know their location.

Dinghy: possibly the source of most of the accidents, appoint a manager thereof for monitoring use and very prudent thirst with the propeller.

Food: Cooking in a boat sometimes is not easy, the conditions can not afford to develop a very complicated dish. They are very practical salads, meat and fish grilled or baked and pecking if exception.

Drinking: Indispensable! It is better than too little, in bottles of half liter maximum!

Seasickness: basically you have to be careful the first 48 hours, try down to the bathtub if you go on a Monegasque, down to a skid if you are in a catamaran. the less lose sight of the horizon better you will do. Once on board after a while your body will acclimate and can move freely and even reading or cooking.

Bathroom: Very important to note that you can not throw paper or other material such as wipes. Instalad bags each with its name to shed services you need and so not share debris. Jams very easily produced and the arrangement thereof is not tasteful dish for anyone. The showers tries to take biodegradable soap.

Water and Electricity consumption: if you do not bring water purification / desalination plant will have to rationalize water to avoid having to constantly charge ports! As for electricity, be alert of the state of charge of the batteries, if you see down 12.3VDC starts the engine and speeds with the engine connected for charging.

Garbage: Beware plastics and packaging, it is easy to end up in the sea … put a garbage bag inside and one outside always helps to have a place to throw any waste.

Electronica: unless this at a port or take a generator to charge the mobile or tablet will have to carry a 12V adapter (which we in cars) or converter 12V to 220V!

We hope to help you to be more comfortable when boarding. now just enjoy a wonderful holiday.IMG_4149


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